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Slim Down Clinic


La Femme Beauty Spa now offers the full range of Mama Mio Body Products.

Cellulite & Firming

Mama Mio have formulated some of the most hard hitting high performance fat busting, orange peel zapping, skin tightening products on the market. Using the very best ingredients in maximum dosages, their line-up of slimmers, smoothers, lifters, firmers and tighteners will get your body confident and keep you feeling that way for years to come.

Stretch Marks and Scars

Woman HATE their stretch marks. They change the way you feel about your body. So it was very important to us that we offer repair products that actually MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Our stretch mark and scar products divide into two sections – repair (stretch marks and surgical scars) and prevention (mainly used in pregnancy).

Pre & Post Natal Care

Mama Mio wrote the book on pregnancy skincare – so you are in good hands. Safe and effective for the nine month s t r e t c h is so important because pregnancy is the biggest challenge your skin will ever face. Think about it… you’re going to grow 75cm and then speedily shrink back down – that is tough! Mama Mio is your secret weapon to strengthen and protect your skin so you feel gorgeous and special throughout your pregnancy and regain your former glory after baby arrives.

Extreme Sculpt Injections

Fat dissolving Injections.  Remove accumulated fat.  The procedure is gentle, effective, safe and permanent.

Enhance the effect of diet and exercise.  No hormones, no animal products.  Tightens loose skin.  Used for men and women.



Bootcamp for Spa Treatments

Bootcamp for Tummies

A waist-whittling treatment to reduce wobble, cellulite and slack skin, stimulates             circulation and improves elasticity to tighten and tone skin.

Bootcamp for Butts

Bum, hip and thigh massage treatment to reduce cellulite, detoxify, reduce spongy water retention with double exfoliation for a smooth, soft, pert rear of the year.

Bootcamp for Boobs

Bust and upper body massage and mask treatment to lift, plump and smooth whole chest area with special lymphatic massage techniques, tightening and toning wobbly upper arms whilst improving posture.

Bikini Bootcamp

An intense body firming massage and mask treatment, targeting cellulite, extra wobble and rough skin from top to toe.  This is serious bootcamp for bulges.